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Bruce Lader

Fugitive Hope by Bruce Lader Fugitive Hope by Bruce Lader
Červená Barva Press, 2014

Bruce Lader is the author of four other volumes of poetry, most recently, Embrace (Big Table Publishing, 2010) and Landscapes of Longing (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2009). Discovering Mortality (March Street Press, 2005) was a finalist for the 2006 Brockman-Campbell Book Award. Winner of the 2010 Left Coast Eisteddfod Poetry Competition, his poems have appeared in Poetry, New York Quarterly, Confrontation, The Humanist, New Millennium Writings, Fulcrum, Harpur Palate, Against Agamemnon: War Poems anthology, and over 100 other magazines and anthologies. He has received a writer-in-residence fellowship from The Wurlitzer Foundation and an honorarium from the College of Creative Studies at UC-Santa Barbara. Formerly a Special Education teacher, he is the Director of Bridges Tutoring, an organization in Raleigh, North Carolina, educating multicultural students. His author Website is www.BruceLader.com.

Bruce Lader’s new collection, Fugitive Hope, begins with attractive, jazzy pizzazz and over four sections deepens, broadens, and sweetens, as a pastoral symphony might, into gratitude for life, nature, and his wife, who bears the mysteries of faith and hope. In the lovely “Hide & Seek,” the speaker is only “certain of this abracadabra / moment ludicrous with / giddy freedom.” Witty and cutting, “Memo from Another Planet” imagines Earth’s quick, quiet capitulation to conquest. Near book’s end, we are listening to “covert concerts in these woods,” and in “Vision of Uncertainty,” the poet dreams of seeing spring’s advent in his wife’s eyes after his death. It is an astonishing journey, beautiful and hopeful.
—Kelly Cherry, The Retreats of Thought: Poems

In Fugitive Hope, Bruce Lader is an adept guide covering the vast territory of this fresh, lively collection. He offers compelling, sympathetic portraits of a wide range of individuals, from soldiers to judges, from Diogenes to Orpheus. A skilled craftsman, he knows just when to pull up at the end of his poems, put on the brakes, and send us flying.
—Jim Daniels, Having a Little Talk with Capital P Poetry

These are tightly structured, tightly controlled poems profuse with passion and a sometimes hidden but always savage lust for life, formed of "the legacy of gargoyle and...of cherubs hovered in balance."
—Jared Smith, The Collected Poems of Jared Smith: 1971-2011

Review by CL Bledsoe: http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com/gallery.php?item=23664

$17.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9910091-8-3 | 81 Pages | In Stock
Discovering Mortality by Bruce Lader Discovering Mortality by Bruce Lader
March Street Press, 2005

The poems in Discovering Mortality are all focused on the most significant subject any poet can engage with: down-to-earth, day-to-day lived human experiences. With crystal clear language and subtle craftsmanship, Lader dramatizes relationships and conflicts of childhood (including children who are psychologically and socialy at risk), the nuclear family, marriage, sex, death, war, and social concerns. The poems are imbued with Lader's reverence and unsentimental love for his subjects as well as the mystery of our interactions with the natural world.
Gerald Barrax, author of From a Person Sitting in Darkness
Emiritus Professor of English at North Carolina State University

Vivid evocations of childhood, wry and pointed humor, pungent details, and tellin episodes--Bruce Lader's first book of poetry contains enough strong material for several volumes. Discovering Mortality is a maiden voyage not maidenly in the least!
Fred Chappell

Bruce Lader's Discovering Mortality presents an array of fully realized poems on everything from family and marriage to world issues, Jewish culture, and teen street culture. The thread that holds the volume together is lyric honesty, a poet expert in remaking his own experiences into an artful gift for readers.
Joe Benevento, poetry editor, Green Hills Literary Lantern,
author of Holding On and The Odd Squad

$12.00 | ISBN: 1-59661-026-3 | 80 Pages | In Stock: 1


Ronnie M. Lane


Ronnie M. Lane hallucinates about the bizarre, the absurd and the ugly. His poems are apocalyptic. Lane presents images out of a Dali gone wild.
--Herbert L. Carson, in The Grand Rapids Press


$6.00 | 37 Pages | In Stock: 3


Pamela L. Laskin

The Bonsai Curator by Pamela L. Laskin The Bonsai Curator by Pamela L. Laskin
Červená Barva Press, 2013

Pamela L. Laskin is a lecturer in the English Department, where she directs the Poetry Outreach Center. Poetry collections include: Remembering Fireflies and Secrets of Sheets (Plain View Press), Van Gogh’s Ear (Červená Barva Press), Daring Daughters/Defiant Dreams (A Gathering of Tribes), and The Plagiarist (Dos Madres Press). Several children’s books have been published.

In The Bonsai Curator, through metaphor, myth, and fairy tale, Pam Laskin chronicles a life, from the figurative museum, into the woods, then out of that museum, into the world. But my favorite moments live in her language and imagery, like: “The pines, bamboo, and plum trees... from the same father, / a recluse / who made his children lovely, / but lonely.” / and “I am good at stunting growth; / I’ve kept myself / five forever.” As always, Laskin doesn’t blink, and she doesn’t flinch, either.
—Estha Weiner

In this subtly complex collection of poems, Pam Laskin takes the image of bonsai—stunted and scarred into beauty through deliberate human artifice—and makes it a metaphor of being mothered, smothered and “wretchedly loved.” Then with great deftness, she uproots the image and offers us a fresh and expansive vision of a tree, one that summons us to the sprawling beauty of parenting—and of poetry—that is nurtured in respect and love.
—David Groff, Author of CLAY

Bonsai Beauty

I have been birthed/unearthed
from air,

a mutation
my odd, atrophied limbs
are startling.

Like a fixture I stand
by motherless memories.

Yes, there is a tree here
but at fifty
I still can't grow.

$17.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9883713-5-4 | 72 Pages | 7 in Stock
Van Gogh's Ear by Pamela L. Laskin Van Gogh's Ear by Pamela L. Laskin
Červená Barva Press, 2009

Pamela L. Laskin, a teacher, writer, cyclist, swimmer and avid reader, has had many poems, short stories and children's stories published in journals and magazines. She is a lecturer in the English Department at The City College, where she directs The Poetry Outreach Center. Central Station, her first book of poetry, was the winner of the Millennium Poetry Prize. Remembering Fireflies, her second collection, was published by Plain View Press, and Ghosts, Goblins, Gods and Geodes, her third collection, was published by World Audience Press. In 2009, Plain View Press published her fourth collection, Secrets of Sheets. Three poetry chapbooks, five picture books and two young adult novels have been published as well. She edited a collection of original fairy tales, The Heroic Young Woman, published by Clique Calm Books. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Ira, while her children, Craig and Samantha, are away at school completing their degrees.

Pamela Laskin is equally able to grasp the big picture -- “born/ out of millions of years/ of old thumbs and cortexes” -- as well as the small, luminous detail. She writes with vivid immediacy about the people and places around her, so that each poem, “Each bead is like the cell of a body/ passing through a busy street/ on a quiet day.” It is a pleasure to spend time with and have one’s senses sharpened by this book.
-Elaine Equi

Pamela Laskin’s new poems move richly and swiftly through memory and presence, through family, romance, friendship, and art, through Brooklyn and the rest of the world. They are passionate, quiet, thoughtful, intelligent. I want to say there is something modest about them, but it’s the modesty of someone who knows she knows and will lift the screen for a second if only to see if you can figure it out. Van Gogh’s Ear is a fine and generous collection.
-Mark Statman

In a Glass Ball

Clouds stuck in the sky
summer has evaporated
anorexic trees,
children gone from the streets.

Soon I will be snowed under
as I am, perhaps, already
staring out the window

like the woman trapped in a glass ball
which people turn over, indiscriminately
watching the tiny flakes
scatter haphazardly

the unsettling appearance
of a woman
going nowhere.

$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-578-04084-4 | 74 Pages | In Stock


Arben P. Latifi (Translator)

SHALOM, MY TEARDROP! by Mimoza Erebara (Chapbook)
Translated from the Albanian by Arben P. Latifi
Červená Barva Press, 2021

Mimoza Erebara, Jewish / Albanian, was born in Tirana, Albania. She is the author of the following books: "To accompany a hope" (poetry), "Cry of love" (poetry), "Adventures of 10x10 and the Upside Down Munuriro" (Fairy Tale), "Wrongly in Love" (Stories), "Torn Reason" (poetry)), "Symbrapshti" (fairy tale), "Dry rent" (stories), "Peace without a Prophet" (poetry), "He and She: Love Messages" (poetry), "Shalom, my tears” (poetry), “Spirit in the Desert” (poetry), “Philosophy in Metaphor" (literary studies and criticism) and Anthology of Hebrew Poetry. Mimoza has been published in numerous literary magazines in Albania and abroad. He has received "Gold Medals" for poetry from the European Academy of Arts, Paris, France, and many awards in the country. Holds the title "Ambassador of Peace." Mimoza works as a journalist in the daily press in Tirana and editor of many volumes.

Arben P. Latifi graduated in English Studies from the State University of Tirana, Albania [1985]. As an Albanian and US citizen, he is passionate about traveling, world culture, and literature. He has taught English in Albania, USA, Oman, and China. Currently Arben settled back in his native Albania. His Albanian-English, English-Albanian translations, mostly poetry and history, reflects accuracy and faithfulness to the original text, while enhancing its merits through elements such as cohesion, imagery, vocabulary, and musicality. Arben is fluent in English, Albanian, Italian, Greek, and Russian.

Shalom, my tears!

The essence of this poetic volume is the universal human love of the individuals who venerate themselves, their past, jealously preserving their identity even in the extreme conditions, is the daughter's love for the father, nation and the Holy Land.

It is the search for a deeper understanding of this inalienable spiritual connection. It is the foremost belief that only this way you can profess eternal love, attaining peace even though you are at war. It is the desire to feel free, where freedom itself morphs its dimensions taking you along for the journey.

This volume accentuates the unconditional love, the sacrifice to keep it inviolable. After all, it is the soul and life of the poetic oneself, the author.

It is the discovery of the soul that transcends us to this. The chance to have all the images in different realms of everyday life that beautifully merge with the divine through elegant details.

A poem that dwells into the mind and sensations of the reader. The visualizations of Israel, country of origin of the author, replace one another, war and peace also shapeshift through significant details.

Prophecies are extant, unforgotten like the Holocaust that transpires through the verses. The historical essence of the holy land itself is vividly ubiquitous.

$8.00 | ISBN: 978-1-950063-27-7 | 28 Pages


Valerie Lawson

Dog Watch by Valerie Lawson Dog Watch by Valerie Lawson
Ragged Sky Press, 2007

Valerie Lawson's crisp lines often startle us with their concision-soeffective in among others, her inimitable nature poems. In Dog Watch we meet a fully arrived poet of passionate intelligence, able to speak forthrightly in resounding accurate words.
-XJ Kennedy
Exploding Gravity: Poems to Make you Laugh

[S]o many…stand out with special clarity, for the unexpected views of reality they offer, for their daring use of language, and for intelligent, sentient human voice behind all of them.
-Rhina Espaillat
Playing at Stillness

$10.00 | ISBN: 978-1-933974-01-9 | 81 Pages | In Stock: 3


B. C. Leale

Alchemy of Pages by B. C. Leale
The Feral Press, 2006



$8.00 | 6 Pages | In Stock: 4


Jennifer LeBlanc

Unrestrained by Jennifer LeBlanc Unrestrained by Jennifer LeBlanc
Červená Barva Press, 2009

Jennifer LeBlanc is currently pursuing a B.A. in English from Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. Her book Coloring the Shadows (2009) won the Mary C. Bryan Women's Studies Award for 2009, and she represented Regis College at the 2009 Greater Boston Intercollegiate Poetry Festival. She is an editor of Regis College's literary journal, Hemetera, and her poetry has been published in Bolts of Silk, Oak Bend Review, and Up the Staircase, among others.

$7.00 | 28 Pages | In Stock


Jim Leftwich

SOUND DIRT by Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett SOUND DIRT
by Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Luna Bisonte Prods, 2006

SOUND DIRT - Textual and visual poems, created collaboratively by Bennett and Jim Leftwich. An opulent production, with many works in color.


$12.00 | ISBN: 1892280477 | 173 Pages | In Stock: 1


Linda Lerner

Living In Dangerous Times by Linda Lerner Living In Dangerous Times by Linda Lerner

Linda Lerner should be one of the most visible of our poets in this country...she is a special outsider group of powerful and original American poets largely ignored by Poetry Establishment forces. Her amazing energies zap her poems into high voltage...
--Robert Peters
Chiron Review


$6.00 | 52 Pages | In Stock: 3


Donald Lev

Only Wings 20 Poems of Devotion by Donald Lev Only Wings 20 Poems of Devotion by Donald Lev
Presa :S: Press, 2010

Contemporary Poetry Series

"Donald Lev's poetry is sublime. It catches you off guard. Though seemingly so simple and direct-it goes on to awaken depths in us all."
-Bob Richards

"The poet...achieves a unique brand of humor about the strange ache we call the human condition. He blends marvelously active images with feelings of dread, abandonment, and intellectual frustration. But his readers don't weep - they're more likely to laugh ruefully."
-Shirley Powell

$6.00 | 28 Pages | 3 copies


Judy Katz-Levine

Ocarina by Judy Katz-Levine
Tarsier Books, 2006

Her words move through the field of a poem's discourse like the feet of a small deer crossing a tract of brush.
Denise Levertov

"Almost every poem seems to work at the intersection of multiple planes. They offer the reader, who allows them to work their magic, a rich, rewarding experience. Many of the poems are a swirl of images tied to the ground by the thinnest of threads, others are firmly rooted, some even burrowing into subterranean places...There are so many moving poems in this collection, some that uplift the spirit, others that embrace sadness, and loss."
—Mark Pawlak, editor of Hanging Loose Press, author of "Official Versions"

"stunningly visual and rythmic"
—Debbie Spingarn, Norwood Bulletin

"Simplicity and a sense of the divine in everyday, are... hallmarks of...Judy Katz-Levine's poetry...Dreams, music, references to mystical Judaism, and the arts all imbue the daily with a sense of transcendence. Even at the supermarket..."
—Miriam Sagan, Santa Fe New Mexican

$10.00 | ISBN: 0-95086-42-0 | 129 Pages | 3 copies
When the Arms Of Our Dreams Embrace Collected Poems by Judy Katz-Levine
Saru Press International, 1991

When the Arms Of Our Dreams Embrace is the first major collection of Judy Katz-Levine's poems, from 1976 to the present, and displays the full range of the depth and delicacy of this remarkable poet.

Her words move through the field of a poem's discourse like the feet of a small deer crossing a tract of brush.
Denise Levertov

$8.95 | ISBN: 0-935086-13-7 | 88 Pages | 1 copy
When Performers Swim, The Dice Are Cast by Judy Katz-Levine
Ahadada Books, 2009

Judy Katz-Levine was born in Newark, New Jersey into a musical family. She graduated from Simmons College. Katz-Levine audited a course at M.I.T. with Denise Levertov, who was a great influence on her work. She has published two full-length collections of poetry—"When The Arms Of Our Dreams Embrace/Collected Poems" (SARU, 1991) and "Ocarina" (Tarsier/SARU, 2006). Her poems have appeared in "The Sun", "Fence", "Mother Jones", "Salamander", "The Plaza" (Japan)", "Origin 2008", "96 Inc.", "Istanbul Literary Review", "The Bitter Oleander", and myriad other magazines. She won a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant in Poetry, and her poem "What I Didn't Know" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Judy Katz-Levine is intensely influenced by jazz rhythms in her work, and by surrealist and expressionist poets and painters. She also has mystical leanings, and has gleaned much from the poems of Tagore, the stories of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and the "Tales Of The Chassidim" by Martin Buber.

Also a jazz flutist, Judy Katz-Levine sings in a choir, and lives with her husband, an acupuncturist and sax player.

$14.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9811704-3-5 | 35 Pages | 7 copies


Susan Lewis

How to be Another by Susan Lewis How to be Another by Susan Lewis
Červená Barva Press, 2014

Painting by Melissa Stern

Susan Lewis lives in New York City and edits Posit (www.positjournal.com). Her other books and chapbooks are This Visit(BlazeVOX [books], 2014), State of the Union (Spuyten Duyvil Press), The Following Message (White Knuckle Press), At Times Your Lines (Argotist e-books), Some Assembly Required (Dancing Girl Press), Commodity Fetishism, winner of the 2009 Cervena Barva Press Chapbook Award, and Animal Husbandry (Finishing Line Press). Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and published in a great number of journals and anthologies, including Berkeley Poetry Review, BlazeVOX, Cimarron Review, The Journal, The New Orleans Review, Phoebe, Raritan, Seneca Review, Verse (online), and Verse Daily.

Susan Lewis poses questions that are sine waves amid the urban ruckus of unsweetened yet unnatural nouns. She nuzzles the vibrato context that her poems would recast. Poetic prophecy thrives amid a balance between selected, anchored logic and prevailing, accurate illogic in the midst. There is a delicious sense of understatement in these poems that drive toward the surprise end of the spectrum that diverts from expectation. Along this welcome string of mysteries, we are perpetually challenged to invent new steps.
—Sheila E. Murphy

Clipped, cut, cajoling, the prose bits of Susan Lewis are pure poetry. When and whether she unravels the endless to and fro with an/other who never quite makes true contact, or provides procedural instructions on how to be some self, she never spins anything less than "the courage to tell us something new, no matter how frightening or untrue." Her capsuled narratives cohere and dissolve with the piquant absurdity of the voices they refract, then send back out into the ether. This is the kind of entropy "we might as well learn to ride like the wind" to whatever full-stop it takes us, with fun and thanks punctuating our language-voyage.
—Amy King

Waking headlong transcriptions of what poetry's dream can do that no other form of writing can: sing condensed quicksilver improvisations that are any smart feeling reader's sought after letters to the Other you too can learn to become from out a "most entertaining cave." Read these poems and be right back in the new present unfurling moment of language's immediacy—each poem is a successful risk-taking trip flying in and out of Susan Lewis' brilliancy. Rx: read this book.
—Lee Ann Brown

Susan Lewis' poems in How to Be Another offer often ironic, always eloquent testament to the agonies of relationships in general and couples in particular. Wielding incisive metaphors like a scalpel, she cuts through social poses and masks to the messy failures and disappointments that lurk underneath the surface of our all too human interactions. Her poetry is compassionate enough to capture our desire to connect with each other and wise enough to recognize our repeated and heartbreaking failure to do so.
—Howard Good



Interview with Susan Lewis by Rob Mclennan on Rob Mclennan's Blog:

$17.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9910091-0-7 | 81 Pages | In Stock
Commodity Fetishism by Susan Lewis Commodity Fetishism by Susan Lewis
Červená Barva Press, 2010

Winner of the 2009 Cervena Barva Press Poetry Contest

Susan Lewis is the author of "Animal Husbandry" (Finishing Line Press, 2008). Her poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Atlanta Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, Cimarron Review, The New Orleans Review, Phoebe, Raritan, Seneca Review, So To Speak, Verse, and Verse Daily. Her collaborations with composer Jonathan Golove have been performed at such venues as the Kennedy Center and Carnegie's Weill Hall.

Cold ontology and normative longing have met their antidote in these derivations of bright oughts from the imperfect is – progressions as hopeful as they are rigorous. Welcome to the unknowable nursery of tomorrow’s big payoff, the source of all tantalizing hypotheticals. Here even the schism between practitioners and their actions is not mere disconnect, it’s the animating principle that gives us room to evolve. Welcome to Susan Lewis’ genesis in the retort, lush with secret memes of closed door intimacy.
–Brendan Lorber, Editor/Publisher, Lungfull! Magazine

Commodity Fetishism is at once a verbal collage of the mental rigamarole of daily living and a compendium of irony and sentiment. These poems are terse yet opaque, jokey yet unapologetically consequential. This chapbook is off-beat, perfectly tuned, and compulsively readable.
–Wayne Thomas, Editor, The Tusculum Review


Because he abhorred the notion of work, the young man turned his home into a museum, offering his life as the sole exhibit. Although at first there were few visitors, the curious were given to repetitive, even compulsive, attendance. Soon their devotion became contagious, and the museum's patrons grew in number, especially as the exhibits explored themes such as Restless Yearning, Acceptance, and Doubt. By the time Reexamination was put up, scores of disappointed viewers had to be turned away. When Resignation made way for Peaceful Detachment, the public rioted, insisting that the museum never close. Tearful strangers mobbed the old man with their grief and unreasonable need, forcing him to retreat the only way he could.

$7.00 | ISBN: 978-0-692-00642-9 | 34 Pages | In Stock


Lyn Lifshin

Lost Horses Poems by Lyn Lifshin Lost Horses Poems by Lyn Lifshin
Presa :S: Press, 2009

Contemporary Poetry Series

In Lost Horses, poet-dynamo Lyn Lifshin presents us with twenty new poems inspired by her dreams. Lifshin excavates universal archetypes from our shared unconscious & evokes primal feelings in her poems. These night mares will haunt her readers in their pure artistic honesty.

"No one can milk a metaphor like Lyn Lifshin. Much has been said about her prolific output, but the truly phenomenal aspect of her poetry is its consistent high quality & depth. Lyn Lifshin is a poetic virtuoso."
-Eric Greinke in Home Planet News

$6.00 | 36 Pages | 3 copies
IN MIRRORS by Lyn Lifshin

No one is more precise, focused, as deftly impressionistic as Lifshin…
--Hugh Fox

…Lifshin's poetic power is evident in these imagistic variations on the theme of insight.
--Eric Greinke

$15.00 | ISBN 0-9772524-3-4 | 84 Pages | In Stock: 3


Flavia M. Lobo

The Key a fairy tale by Flavia M. Lobo
The Feral Press, 2006



$8.00 | 16 Pages | In Stock: 4


Jack Phillips Lowe

Revolt at the Internet Café poems by Jack Phillips Lowe Revolt at the Internet Café
poems by Jack Phillips Lowe
Onzo Imprints, 2010

Jack Phillips Lowe is a lifelong Chicago resident. Like Don Quixote he went mad from reading too many books—so much so that he took to writing them.

Lowe's work has appeared in Barbaric Yawp, Pens On Fire, and Bewildering Stories, among other outlets. His previous chapbooks include So Much for Paradise (poems, MuscleHead Press, 2000) and Long Form (poems, Free Though Publications, 2004). Lowe's most recent effort is a collection of short stories, Pariah Tales (Onzo Imprints, 2007).

Among all his mentors, both personal and literary, Lowe was most influenced by his late grandmother, who never hesitated to tell him that he's nuts.

"This kid's got a lot of energy."
—Mark Spitzer, Exquisite Corpse

"Mr. Lowe covers a lot of ground at a brisk pace, with craft."
—Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast

"[Lowe] makes you laugh, then cringe in suspense."
—Kohn Berbrich, Barbaric Yawp


$3.00 | 22 Pages | 3 Copies
Pariah Tales by Jack Phillips Lowe
Onzo Imprints, 2007

"This kid's got a lot of energy."
-Mark Spitzer, Exquisite Corpse

"Mr. Lowe covers a lot of ground at a brisk pace, with craft."
-Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast

"Lowe tells stories with a plot and a point. His characters are real and his dialoque snappy. He makes you laugh, then cringe in suspense."
-John Berbrich, Barbaric Yawp

"To enter Lowe's world is to submit to one entertaining story after another, each different and unique, yet all a delight."
-Laura Stamps, Chiron Review

$3.00 | 76 Pages | 2 Copies


Joanne Lowery

Double Feature: Rogue's World Double Feature: Rogue's World by Joanne Lowery
Pygmy Forest Press, 2000

Joanne Lowery has had numerous poems published in literary journals including Columbia, Florida Review, Northwest Review, Cumberland Poetry Review, The Literary Review and River Styx.


$10.00 | ISBN: 0-944550-55x | 52 Pages | In Stock: 3


Naomi Ruth Lowinsky

crimes of the dreamer poems by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky crimes of the dreamer by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Scarlet Tanager Books, 2005

I am sure that Naomi Lowinsky goes into what Robert Graves called poetic trance when she writes, because reading this book one is overwhelmed by the wild rhythms of original poetry…
--Alicia Torres, Venezuelan poet and writer
author of Fatal and Regarding the Rose

$16.00 | ISBN 0-9670224-8-7 | 80 Pages | In Stock: 1
red clay is talking by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky red clay is talking by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
Scarlet Tanager Books, 2000

(Excerpts From the Back of the Book)
The voice here is rich and musical. It balances the breadth of a woman's life on the turtle back, the bull's hips of myth.
--Richard Silberg

We partake with her ecstacy and darkness, passion, epiphany and hunger, and our world is larger for it.
--Diane di Prima

$14.95 | ISBN 0-9670224-2-8 | 141 Pages | In Stock: 2


Glenna Luschei

Witch Dance New and Selected Poems
by Glenna Luschei
Presa :S: Press, 2010

"In Witch Dance, Glenna Luschei marries a light touch to penetrating clarity. Poem after poem is easy to read, easy to love, hard to forget. A highly recommended collection."
—Ronald Koertge

"Glenna Luschei's poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice — written by an enchanting mind."
—Robert Bly

$13.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9800081-7-3 | 83 Pages | 3 copies
Total Immersion by Glenna Luschei

Like the best of poets and other artists, Glenna Luschei never grew up. Rather, she grew and goes on growing. Vast is her sense of wonder and awe. Again and again, her every poem celebrates the ways the world begins.
--Al Young


$15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9800081-0-4 | 96 Pages | In Stock: 3
Seedpods by Glenna Luschei

Glenna Luschei's poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice - written by an enchanting mind.
--Robert Bly


$6.00 | 39 Pages | In Stock: 3
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